Krohm International Ltd. provides the following services:

  • KI will customize our existing publishing software to meet your exact specifications
  • KI can convert your unique assembler-coded legacy publishing software to ANSI C to execute under Windows, Unix and/or Linux
  • KI will utilize it's long-term experience to assist you in planning and upgrading to new media, such as CD-ROM and Internet publishing
  • KI can also assist you in planning and upgrading to new imaging systems
In fact, that's what KI has been doing for its customers for the last 30 years. As our industry evolves, KI assists its customers to take advantage of new media and new processes to increase our customer's return-on-investment, as well as to extend the usefulness of their existing systems and imaging equipment. Email us your requirements so we can let you know how we can be of service. Thank you.

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