Krohm International Ltd. offers the following batch composition software products and services:

  • KI/Setps™ Our most advanced typographic sofware package, that combines exact typographic control with subprogams written by the user. This enables in-line decision-making during the processing of records from a database. The user has complete control over final PostScript output, without having to pre-process database information.
  • KI/Composer™ This is our basic typographic sofware package, without the subprogramming capability of KI/SETPS. It also gives the user exact typographic control, but it is used primarily by those who use COBOL, C, BASIC or other programming languages to pre-process their database information. The result of their work is then processed through the KI/Composer™ to generate the final PostScript output.
  • Customization: Both of the above software packages can be customized to meet your exact specifications. Perhaps there are unique typographic commands that you need specifically for your work, that would save much time and money. Perhaps we have most of what you need, but something's missing. So just email us your requirements today.
  • Programming Services: KI will develop specific electronic publishing software when needed to meet your requirements. Perhaps you need a way to generate XTags from your database, to be used with Quark Xpress in putting together a directory. Perhaps you need a way to generate HTML from your legacy databases. KI can also assist you in planning and developing a production process, so email us today exactly what you need! We may already have it available today!
This is what KI has been doing for its customers for the last 30 years. As our industry evolves, KI assists its customers in taking advantage of new processes to increase their return-on-investment, as well as to extend the usefulness of their existing systems and imaging equipment. Email us your requirements so we can let you know how we can be of service. Thank you.

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