1999 thru 2003
Received contract from another long-time customer, Graphic Technology Incorporated to develop software for them to maintain their edge in the bar-code publishing business. This involved converting their DOS-based 8088-assembler-code software to Visual C Windows-based software. KI received the contract due to the fact that we had similar software already converted to C. Therefore, we would not be starting from scratch. They had over 20 years of development in the older 8088 code, and KI was able to successfully replace the old code in three years. We currently are under contract to maintain the software as changes and updates are required.

We also continue to make changes and updates for Laurin Publishing's CD-ROM, Internet, and Print editions of their databases.

And we are still continuing to support existing customers with their update requests as needed.

KI continues to support its customers with requested updates.

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