KI developed a Linotronic 100 output module and installed an editorial/composition system at City Paper (Washington D.C.). This was an additional order from the Chicago Reader parent company.

This year KI developed and installed an editorial/composition newspaper system with classified software for the Grosse Pointe News (Michigan).

KI sold and installed a composition and book pagination system (with German, French, Italian and Spanish hyphenation) for Elsevier Scientific Publishers (Shannon, Ireland).

And this was to be our busiest year with American City Business Journals.
We installed editorial/composition systems (with Compugraphic 8400's) at:
Hartford Business Journal(Connecticut);
Los Angeles Business Journal (California);
Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle, Washington);
San Antonio Business Journal (Texas);
San Diego Business Journal (California);
Washington Business Journal (Arlington, Virginia);
Atlanta Business Journal (Georgia);
Cincinnati Business Courier (Ohio);
Houston Business Journal (Texas);
Phoenix Business Journal (Arizona);
South Florida Business Journal (Miami);
Baltimore Business Journal (Maryland);
Rochester Business Journal (New York);
and Corporate Report (now Ingrams) at (Kansas City, Missouri).

In the fall of this year, KI began converting its assembler language software packages from the Texas Instruments 990 mini-based systems to UNIX and DOS platforms, using Sun Microsystems 3/60 workstations and the ANSI "C" lanuage.

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