This year, KI sold and installed Autologic APS/4 output modules for the Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma Publishing Company). This installation was expecially fun, since the production manager didn't believe that we had sold some of our software to Mergenthaler for their Linotron 505, which was being replaced. As some programmers do, I had embedded an authorship subroutine in the software. Although I had presumed that Mergenthaler had removed it (they had the source code) it was still there and printed perfectly our authorship information on the console typewriter. I had said I wouldn't lie to him.

KI received its very important first order for Texas Instruments 990-based composition system from Computer Composition Corporation (Madison Heights, Michigan).

KI had been converting all of its composition software from IBM-1130 assembler to TI-990 assembler since 1975, and now the software was ready for the real world. KI had previously performed work for CCC, and we're very grateful for that first order.

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