1969 thru 1971
Assisted in the start-up and support (3 years) of Typetron, Inc. (Palisades Park, New Jersey). This single commercial typesetting plant produced most of the major grocery pages for New York and the surrounding states.

Typetron's biggest customer was A&P, but we also did Shop-Rite, SuperSaver, Walgreens, TwoGuys, Gristedes, and many others. It was one of the most advanced phototypesetting plant at that time, and Typetron received many executive visitors from phototypesetting equipment manufacturers at that time. .

There Mr. Krohm wrote the Photon532 driver and marketed it, along with updates (patches) to the standard IBM-1130 package that was widely used at that time by newspapers and commercial typographers.

He also developed a Photon Pacesetter output module for the IBM-1130 package and marketed it, too.

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