Krohm International Ltd. started business as a company in 1973, and was incorporated in 1981. It grew out of the work Gary Krohm had done independently with early adopters of computerized text-processing from 1966 to 1973. Our corporate history and the firms we have worked with follows.

Capsule History of Krohm International Ltd.

The following technical history of Krohm International Ltd. reflects hundreds of projects in precision text-processing for publishers and corporate clients. Our greatest assets are real-world experience and time-tested software, which we gained through these projects by solving our client's electronic text-processing problems under deadline pressure. You can also view our complete customer list alphabetically, by industry or in chronological order below.

Browse through over 30 years of our work to get an idea of past performance. Where possible, you will find graphics of the equipment we worked with at that time. Incidentally, our corporate history closely coincides with the evolution of electronic publishing; sometimes as a developer, but mostly as an integrator. If a software capability didn't exist at the time, we developed it. If it did exist, we'd locate it and adapt it to our customer's specific needs. Clicking on the "year" will display information on the left side of your screen.

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We would like to add your company's name to our list of satisfied customers this year. Give us an opportunity to submit a proposal, whether your project involves print, CD-ROM or the Internet. Send e-mail to for an immediate response.

If you have an electronic publishing problem, whether it be print, CD-ROM, Internet, or any combination of the three, we urge you to consider KI as one of your resources for its solution. You will find us able to communicate well at the dollars and "sense" business level, as well as at the rolled-up-sleeve technical level.

Thank you.

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